• Historical and trendy

    Moscow, Russia


26 / 09 / 2016
 In a building of the early 20th century in the centre of Moscow was born a loft with industrial and contemporary touches.
Despite having a portfolio with more than 15 years, this was the first loft designed by Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau. That is why it was a special project, where what immediately interested the architect was the location of the building. Situated in one of the oldest districts of Moscow, the view is amazing.
One of the main options for the interiors was to keep the brickwork. In addition to the bricks, also pipes and radiators are in sight, composing, with the wooden floors, the typical aesthetics of lofts. But this was complemented with rich and consistent decorative elements. The result is a deeply modern interior in a historic structure.
The loft revolves around a central open space, which aggregates the entrance hall, the living and dining room, and the kitchen. The only wall, which has an antique mirror, is the ones that separates this area from the adjacent bathroom. One important factor was the client's interest in music: not only he listens to music at home a lot, he has an active nightclub lifestyle, but he also has a hobby DJ'ing. Hence the integration of a music studio, giving particular spirit to the loft. The home had to be adapted to the current owner's lifestyle, but also needed to be able to easily become a family residence in the future. For example, the decor of the music studio can be simply replaced by other fixtures and fittings.
Furniture options combine more traditional and more modern pieces. Also there were several pieces designed by Oleg Klodt (the doors, the closets, the bed or the dining room lamp) in order to blend harmoniously with the brick walls. The result is a balanced, comfortable and eclectic space.
One of the elements that defines the space is the panoramic view of the facade of the church and the old buildings of Moscow. The architect has created a podium in the lounge area, which acts as an entrance to the veranda, but also accommodates books and CDs. Furthermore, it is a piece that can be used as a stage for the DJ in future parties. Because music, whether alone or accompanied, brings this home to life.
Architect: Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau
Project: Loft Pokrovka
Area: 140 sq. meters
Year: 2014 

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