• Longrovia Hotel & Thermal Spa


28 / 06 / 2016
Longroiva’s Hotel Unit is located in the county of Mêda, northeast Portugal, next to Longroiva’s Thermal Spa. Longroiva’s Thermal Baths go back to the roman occupation and, since then, are recognized by their symbolic and therapeutic value.
The old building of the Thermal Spa, which is dates back to the late XIX century, was rehabilitated to house 17 rooms on the upper floors, and social areas on the ground floor. This building is connected to the new volumes through a walking path, which connects the upper floor of the old building to the new modules of rooms. Each of the 5 room modules is implanted according to the slope, providing gathering areas in between them, which are filled with light and face the landscape from different points of view. These volumes flow into the swimming pool area, which bridges the new hotel unit and the existing thermal spa. Above the level of the rooms, there are service areas and 10 bungalows, divided into 2 groups, separated by a stone mass.
This hotel unit articulates, modernity and tradition, natural and built environment. This strong visual relationship with the landscape is also present in the careful choice of materials and colors, invoking the vegetation of the area and the local building materials.  
Architecture: www.rebelodeandrade.com
Photos: Fernando Guerra FG + SG

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