• Yuko Nishikawa Studio

    New York, USA


20 / 03 / 2020
It’s in her Brooklyn studio, surrounded by hundreds of objects (on shelves, tables or suspended from the ceiling) at different stages of production that the Japanese designer and ceramicist Sou Yuko Nishikawa dedicates her days to lamps and other decorative accessories with unusual and sculptural silhouettes.

Aiming at combining ceramics with lighting, it was in 2018, while working with brands such as Anthropologie and Calvin Klein Home, that she decided to open her own studio. Being passionate about shapes (slender or elongated, or more rounded), she feels compelled to create unique hand-crafted pieces, evoking memories with the same intensity as those of childhood.

The creative process begins with constant sketching, words or colours – although she might not follow the initial concept through- out the production stage since she works clay in an essentially intuitive way – in an exercise which she only considers finished when the piece is installed, also overseen by her.

Read the full story on Attitude 92 printed edition. 
For more information, visit Yuko Nishikawa website.
Words: Joana Jervell
Photography: Courtesy Yuko Nishikawa 

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