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17 / 03 / 2016
Being interested in the real meaning of objects, Jelle Mastenbroek studied design, but where his work actually takes place is on the border between this discipline and art. His pieces explore the reinterpretation of stereotypes that prompt the public to reflect on the meaning of objects and their social context.

Your work explores the limits between art and design. How would you define it?
I always have difficulty in defining my work since I agree that it operates on that limit between design and art. Where exactly it is positioned, I’ll leave to others to decide. Sometimes it leans more towards art and at other times more towards design. My main concern is to tell a story. Through my objects I try to get people to reconsider stereotypes and to investigate the possibility of giving them new meanings. By including humour and a positive approach, my work can function as a reflection on social context and might even lead to changes.  

Know more about Jelle Mastenbroek's work in the printed edition of Attitude #68 - Folklore
See the installation videos in the next blog article. 

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