• SUMIYOSHIDO Kampo Lounge


05 / 04 / 2015
The Sumiyoshido Kampo Lounge is a space in Aichi, Japan that combines an acupuncture clinic and a herbal pharmacy.

With large windows to the street, the mint green area stands out and accommodates the pharmacy and customer service. “The soft color is intended to create a curiously ambivalent atmosphere where the heaviness and lightness of the furniture coexist”, say the designers from id, the Japanese studio responsible for the project. The walls are covered with pilled chests of drawers, invoking old medicine cabinets, used on this project to store the medicinal herbs. Some of the drawers were deliberately left open, in order to bring a special fragrance to the Kampo Lounge.
The space where the clinic functions contrasts with the rest by its total white atmosphere, the marked colour distinguishes the functions of each area.


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