• Tropical Landscapes


28 / 01 / 2020
Dutch Studio Modijefsky is responsible for this new all-day eatery in Kwakersplein, Amsterdam West. Translating the journey of a caravan into a bar and restaurant, patrons enter via a circular ceiling light, just before they come across different chromatic landscapes, such as a meadow, a swamp, a forest, a mountain, and a desert.

To achieve this, several colours, interior finishes and light objects were created, defining the different atmospheres: a small bar with a toned-down fresh pastel palette and natural oak, a dining area that remind us a swamp, featuring a glossy ceiling, deep blue column and stucco walls; a central bar with lines of light, jute fabric and rough plaster; a more dark area defined by the lack of natural light and the use of dark colors where we uncover “a high bench with a green cylindrical backrest, detailed with leather accents, overlooks the space” and an adjacent room, inspired by a desert, that brings together bright colours, brown wood veneer and green tiles.

“Initially a polder area outside Amsterdam’s old city limits, Kwakersplein became a part of the Bellamy neighbourhood after being dammed in the 19th century. Ever since, people have been migrating towards this spot, just like a Karavaan (Dutch for caravan), but this time to settle for good,” the studio explained. Despite the different atmospheres, there’s a visual coherence enhanced all over the space: a dark horizontal line breaks the walls in half and connects every space and the columns are always complemented with a light accent or a furniture element.

From a morning coffee place to the spot for Friday night drinks, there are plenty of options to discover on Karavaan, a journey that makes “you discover landscapes that nobody knew belonged to Amsterdam.”

For more information, visit Studio Modijefsky website.
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Photography: Maarten Willemstein 

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