• Qishe Courtyard


22 / 01 / 2020
We are right at the heart of an old quarter in Beijing, inside a traditional Siheyuan residence, now occupied by a modern Qishe House (its name was inspired by the words “Qi” and “She”, that respectively refers to "seven" and "house" in the Chinese language). ARCHSTUDIO set about defining the intervention to be carried out in this property, originally consisted of seven pitched-roof buildings.

The idea was to “integrate the old and the new to better meet future functional demands of reception and living for the compound”, a preference that naturally explains the choices made by the studio. The preservation of this heritage can be seen in the addition of a veranda, an old Chinese element, which links the seven separated houses and acts as a circulation route, providing a playful walking experience. The three courtyards - in the front, middle and the back of the house - define the central elements of the space, featuring the main areas of the residence as the garage, living and eating rooms, intimate areas, and tea rooms.

The material scheme also evokes the contrast between tradition and modernity - the original pinewood framework of the Siheyua was maintained, while the new veranda, doors, windows or furniture use laminated bamboo panels, wood and ribbed beams. Oriental philosophy can be felt here in the rough, asymmetric and almost austere beauty of the project.

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