• Peace box in the city


09 / 10 / 2019
An unexpected tranquility invades the neighbourhood of Quinta da Baroneza, blocking out the frenetic pulse of São Paulo. Amid silence and nature, stands a unique residence, conceived for a setting that takes one’s breath away.

The project, signed by Arthur Casas studio, is distinguished by its light structures and composed by “a dynamic mix of volumes which creates great spans and cantilevers.” Conceived for a couple with three children, this weekend refuge takes advantage of the amplitude of the spaces, with all the different areas being distributed through three separate volumes.

Lined with rustic granite and wall texture, the lower volume the sauna, spa, and service areas while the upper lever, with a wood-appearance aluminum aspect, gathers the master suite, the kitchen, the office and the three children rooms.

The intermediate volume, L-shaped - also the ground level with access to the residence - remains the most attractive element of the space. With the social areas, kitchen, terrace, and guest rooms, the volume stands out “as it detaches from the housing body in a great cantilever, structural challenge solved by prestressed beams”, the studio explains. The green roof, that harmoniously blends with the structure of the house and its surroundings - enhances the efficiency of the project, by adding a sustainable solution for thermal balance.

For more information, visit Arthur Casas website.
Photography: Fernando Guerra

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