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  • MIAC: Italian Museum of Audiovisual and Cinema


19 / 11 / 2019
Located on the former printing laboratories of the studies of Cinecittà, the Italian Museum of Audiovisuals and Cinema will open its doors in December as a permanent multimedia museum dedicated to the history of Italian cinema and TV.

Conceived by NONE collective (an artistic Italian studio that has been studying the relation between art and technology, human and artificial), the project explores the visionary artworks of the masters of cinema and television. To connect the past and the future, the 1200 square metres of the historical industrial building now provides the setting for 12 multimedia installations, each one set around a main topic, offering immersive experiences. A 43-metre timeline highlights the historical references of each room, through animated graffiti showing an infographic of dates, events and the seasons of Italian Cinema.

“Designing a place for our imagination means to, first of all, give emotional, visual, and perceptive space to what is considered to be imaginary today, in the third millennium”, the studio tells us. In effect, the practice worked with around 400 films, documentaries, radio interviews or television programmes, along with light, shadow, and shapes, so that the final result would be both dynamic and emotional.

For this project, the team has designed a technological system that foresees the use of a single computer in charge of web installations, one of the main challenges of their first permanent installations: “creating a permanent multimedia museum is very different from a temporary installation, and without a doubt technologic obsolescence and reliability in time have both been central themes in the entire creation process of MIAC”.  
For more information, visit NONE collective Facebook page.
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