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27 / 09 / 2019
It is a mansion occupying around 500 square metres, located in in the fire-prone Tehachapi Mountains, northeast of Los Angeles. A rugged concrete masonry block made of fire-resistant materials: concrete, steel, and glass. And it is out of this marvellously combination that an impression of the solidity and industrial of this residence is born.

Olson Kundig Architects explained how this home was built in accordance with the owner’s “unique ability to source a substantial amount of salvaged materials”: the steel was salvaged from a nearby cement plant that was scheduled to be demolished, and the wood for the interior stair treads and sliding doors was found on the site from an existing barn.” And these are the principles that explain the grand scale of this project, a house with an open living space, master suite, guest room, and studio.

Even with its minimalist decor, nowhere in these areas, we feel the sensation of there being too much space or emptiness. In fact, there are some sophisticated details that enhance its truly grandeur - the fireplace, enclosed by hinged and sliding glass on three sides, inspired by a Russian and Finnish design or the studio, that is easily transformed into a guest bedroom, where two suspended twin beds are lowered from the ceiling with a hand crank instead of folding out from the wall.

Above all, the result is “a home designed to withstand hot summers and freezing winters while still maintaining a sense of comfort”.

 For more information, visit Olson Kundig Architects website.
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