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12 / 02 / 2019
Serge Hannecart, Stijn Geeraets and Maarten Van Gool start by asking themselves a question: “do you ever wonder what an office could be if it wasn’t an endless drip of mediocrity?”. Today, they are the names behind Fosbury & Sons, an unconventional workspace inspired by the digital transformation, offering a new level of comfort and sophistication.

After Antwerp, the company moved to a 1970s office building near Brussels to create a whole new space that brings together good design and functionality. On the inside of the outstanding building, designed by the famous architect Constantin Brokzi, a warm palette of colours and textures provokes a deep sense of serenity, created by the interior design studio Going East. The connection between the soft grey of the concrete and the golden tones of the timber flooring brings together cosiness and comfort.

“We went a step further by adding the wood and concrete elements and choosing for a more lighter and fresher variant. It was to easy to go for the vintage vibe, what we absolutely didn’t want. It had to feel like a cosy, warm but clean space”, explained Anais Torfs from the Belgian studio.

Space occupies 7000 square metres, spread over seven of the building’s nine floors, with three extra floors below ground level for parking. From the ‘Suites’, private office spaces and ’Ateliers’, shared private office spaces, to the numerous other shared workspaces throughout the building, workers will find endless options of pleasant and productive environments.

The project sought to respond to a complex programme, including also a restaurant by Coffeelabs and the Bar 'Giorgio', which offers a panoramic view over the Sonian Forest from the 8th floor.

For more information, visit Going East website.
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