• Monochromatic Perfection


31 / 01 / 2019
It’s in the heart of Kyiv that we find this creative space designed by the local studio Yakusha Design & Architecture. A monochromatic and timeless property that brings together an architectural studio, a lecture hall for 80 seats, a design gallery and modern co-working space.

Exploring the roughness of a simple yet elegant space, this is the result of the combination of different textures and materials, blended with plenty of vegetation and natural light. As Victoriya Yakusha, architect and interior designer owner of YA VSESVIT, explained, “my biggest aim in this project is to stay honest, to create a design that remains to live in future and not only one or two years, as all trends do”.

Inspired by her cultural roots and historical background, Victoriya decided to divide the area by using use glass partitions, “that doesn`t interfere with the free flow of the sunlight“. Highlights include an authentic clay plate on the wall, right next to a futuristic cold coating of stainless steel and silver foil-fabric on poufs. As they arrive, guests are welcome with two big 120-150 years old wooden mortars next to a set of modern floor vases.

The lecture hall, equipped with a large screen and customized chairs made of straw, linen, cotton and biopolymer, the kitchen and the two bathrooms enhance the pureness of the interiors, creating an unexpected combination of elements that is both calm and sophisticated.  
For more information, visit Yakusha Design & Architecture website.
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