• An Encounter with Nature


02 / 10 / 2018
Amid silence and nature, blocking out the frenetic pulse of São Paulo stands this home, projected by the Brazilian practice FCstudio.

In this residence, a place for rest and leisure, the maintenance of total privacy, in communion with the sky and nature, was one of the main priorities. To achieve this, the studio took full advantage of the terrain and natural light all over the three floors. On the ground floor, we find the social area of the house, that seems to naturally extend onto the outdoor deck: “The balance is reached from the moment that the industrialized steel finds the organic vegetation in controlled proportions”, explained the practice.

Access to the second floor, where the master bedroom and a living room are found, is provided by a stairway with steps set into the wall. Now, the versatility of the façade guarantees the privacy of the home, due to the use of mini-wave steel doors, enhancing the intimacy of the place. But it is on the last floor that we uncover the true sense of continuity - an urban viewpoint that invites us to appreciate the sunrise and sunset from the highest point of the neighborhood.

It is this “modern architecture”, defined by “honest” materials like glass, wood, and steel, that establishes a deep dialogue with the surrounding area. Either through its sustainable character, with the water heating occurring through solar energy and a ventilation system crossed, or through small details conceived by the studio, such as the massive jatoba dining table or the headboard.

For more information, visit o Fcstudio website.  

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