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25 / 07 / 2018
Founded by Péter Oroszvári and Tamás Hannus in Budapest, Reklektik’s culture is based on the unexpected, aiming to create surprising and practical spaces by mixing styles and different ages. The young practice reveals that close and open relationships with their clients and the ability to recognise unique opportunities and challenges comprise the vital formula that drives theirs projects forward to success.

You are a young company, how did it all started?
The company was founded in the spring of 2016 by Péter Oroszvári and Tamás Hannus, the lead designer. It all started when Tamás was working with Peter on an exciting project, and after the successful completion of the work they started thinking about founding a company together, then Reklektik was born.

What is essential to the work process?
Proper communication is the most essential part of our job. Without it it’s impossible to develop a clear picture about our client’s needs and requirements.

How would you define your concept?
Our main goal is to create homes and spaces tailored very specifically to the clients’ exclusive needs and everyday lives, and beyond that to make sure that the creations are as timeless as possible. In addition to aesthetics, functional design is of the utmost importance. We always imagine a new layout as a blank white canvas where we can start painting and therefore creating the whole picture and real value as a result.

What is the inspiration behind the Reklektik identity and aesthetic?
The name of our company, Reklektik, comes from the word “eclectic”, which already says a lot about our company’s philosophy, such as the love for mixing styles and different ages. We believe that the furniture of different ages can be shaped and combined as a harmonizing unity. What can we say? We love facing challenges.

Do you have a favourite project you would like to mention for some reason?
We love all our projects, but I think the absolute favourite is always the most recent one. In the last few months we were working on a 60 m2 small apartment where we had to solve a lot of things in a small area. It was a great challenge, and we managed to build a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom into a 10 m2 space. Of course, the height allowed us to build upwards, so on the groundfloor inside of the cubus we settled a bathroom, next to it you can find the kitchen, and bedroom can be reached from the hall by a staircase, on the top of the cubus. A functional cubus is a great way to absorb and hide a lot of things (like the rooms mentioned above), and the living room is a much more breathtaking and spectacular part of the apartment. We could meet the customer's expectations and we could prove that maximum elegance on a minimum floor space is possible.
Your blog is also a big part of the project? 
The blog has an important role in the life of our company. During the last year we launched a new blog series called Vica and Tamás's home, where we presented the naked truth of a home renovation through a real project, from the purchase to the finish of the process. It attracted many visitors to the blog, and while reading the posts many of them realised that the story and the problems are familiar to them, which later led them to becoming our customers. We find it important not only to present current trends, but also those secret details which are usually not shared by the design companies or at least not as detailed as we do.

What has this adventure been like in the past two years?
In the past two years, there has been a lot of things to do and with the initial small difficulties that every new company is struggling with, there always have been some really favorite projects where we could gain new energy from. In our first year, by designing an office for Cheppers, an IT company, we achieved a prominent position in an office design competition in Hungary, which gave us a great boost. The perfect team is essential for a successful company, and I think that according to the current lineup, this works very well and we complete each other in all the aspects.

And any dream project still to accomplish?
We love designing apartments, homes, but our great dream is to take part in a complete hotel design or to plan a restaurant where we could be regular guests.
Find more info about Reklektik studio here.
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