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12 / 07 / 2018
It is said that it was in Sitges that the Spanish term ‘chiringuito’ (an open-air beach bar) first appeared, a concept imported by returning émigrés from Cuba during an epoch in which artists and the avant-garde where inspired by the town’s light and charm. Having been inaugurated in the 1930s, when tourism here was dominated by the chattering classes, the historic Hotel Terramar in Sitges was transformed by the Spanish practice Lagranja Design, whose main goal was to a create contemporary and refined experience, without losing its tradition and spirit of grandeur.

In fact, the familiar and relaxed mood filling the interiors makes us feel at home, with public areas shared not only by guests, but also by locals and urban travellers. The décor is vibrant, full of colour and radiance. Local craftsmanship was one of the most relevant aspects during the process: unique and customized pieces were designed by the studio and produced by local providers, in order to highlight the modern and traditional values of the hotel. The choice of natural materials for the build, like basket ware, ceramic, macramé and terracotta, and the lighting, created in warm tones, also enhance the feeling of cosiness.

Out of this ambitious project would emerge 213 rooms, a terrace with a traditional Mediterranean ambiance, using “wooden sun protectors, Menorca-style chairs and wooden and flax furniture”, an Oyster Bar, situated next to the lobby, a spa, fitness center and a bar that affords stunning views over the bay of Sitges, which accommodates the VIP swimming pool. Part of the Salon Real, one of the few elements of the hotel’s golden age, was also restored, keeping its special and elegant character.
A project by www.lagranjadesign.com.
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