• Os Descuidados de Deus


16 / 04 / 2018
Taking place from 14th April to 1st May 2018, Passevite gallery invites you to discover the work of Paulo Robalo, a painting exhibition with the musical composition of João Godinho and David Diogo and words by Luís Robalo.

“The human condition, based upon doubt, anxiety, conflict, the glorification of life and the celebration of death are a refering script to my painting project. It is therefore upon this complex and contradictory background that I try to create and tell stories of decisive moments of life, representing the body/space and the memories of past and, in a subliminal way, future lives. This human figure deployed in an imaginary space of representation, painted from a recipe consisting of a wide range of materials, by a mix that confronts the transparencies introducted by encaustic velatures with the opacity and the volume of successive layers of strong chromaticism materials, apparently prevents the viewer from an in-depth reading, not preventing, but rather suggesting, its projection, the (re)cognition of an inner "turned off”, explained the author, currently a teacher and also one of the responsibles by Passevite studio, in Lisbon.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 5 pm to 8 pm (other schedule by appointment only).
From 14th April to 1st May
Location: Passevite Gallery, Lisbon
Artist: Paulo Robalo
Exhibition: Os Descuidados de Deus #01 Retratos 

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