• Home With a Guest Room


27 / 03 / 2018
When Andrew Power first imagined this house, the main idea was that guests should matter as much as the hosts. After all, it’s all about “proportion and arrangement”, believes the Australian architect, who designed House with a Guest, a house made of three parts: a living room, a bedroom and a guest bedroom.

The bedroom and the guest bedroom “are equal in size and balanced at opposite ends of the house”, while the living room “is larger and sits between the two bedrooms”. In the evening, they eat and drink together, “afterwards they part in opposite directions”, explained the architect. Andrew also wanted to represent the empty spaces of the daily life, because “only in the gaps between routines is there chance for an overview”. That’s why he created empty rooms, a hall and a courtyard, aiming to call attention or to “remember something we need to do, or be reminded of something important”, he added.

The bathroom is a separate project to the rest of the house, it lives inside the house like bacteria inside the gut. The idea is to let each part remain distinct. All these different objects cluster along lines of bilateral symmetry, as bodies do. And while the shower area is mostly geometric, the marble looks like flesh and is displayed in a way that unfolds like mirrored body parts. 
A project by Andrew Power.
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