• Chalet Grand-Pic


12 / 03 / 2018
The absence of ornamentation, the perfect symbiosis between nature and architecture and the natural light, all this converge to the feeling we are in front of a beautiful Canadian refuge. The objective was “to let ourselves be guided and inspired by the terrain’s characteristics”, explained Appareil Architecture, responsible for this recent black chalet, linked together with a matching smaller cabin by an outdoor decking.

Located in Austin, Quebec, in a mountainous and dense forest, the residence aims to create a warm space, for friends and family, where residents can breath fresh air while enjoying a rustic pathway, after parking on the periphery.

The larger cottage, with two floors, is organised around a central technical core, and contains a kitchen, a dormitory, a bathroom, a dining and living room. "The wood’s texture on all walls and ceilings of the interior envelope allows the shape of the vernacular-inspired main interior volume to be accentuated”, added the practice. 

In both one can feel the importance given to the structure of the house and to comfort. The idea of simplicity and soberness, based on the contrast between white and black tones, is highlighted all over the place, offering “a timeless construction inspired by Nordic traditions”.

A project by Appareil Architecture.
Location: Austin, Canada
Photography: Félix Michaud
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