• Travel in Douro

    Chapter I


20 / 01 / 2017
Invited by Miles Away, we embark on a three-day trip of exciting discoveries and adventures that reveal to us the depths of the Douro valley at its most human and authentic. The Miles Away project by Mafalda Nicolau de Almeida offers us a variety of bespoke programmes, capable of immersing us and making us sense, like never before, the heartbeat of the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Be it for just one afternoon, or various days or weeks, get ready to explore not only its unique, internationally coveted wines but also, and in equal proportions, its nature, biodiversity, archaeology, gastronomy and, of course, the human faces that contribute to turning the Douro into an immense enchanted valley. All of this seen through the eyes of those that live here. These experiences are so intimate and passionate that they leave us feeling changed. Just as we share here.

Leaving Oporto behind us and lulled into relaxation by the roads snaking across the slopes of the Douro valley, we reach Quinta do Noval, which is the proud owner of what is possibly the most recognisable vineyard of the Douro, with its unmistakeable walls in whitewashed terraces.

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Text: Joana Jervell
Photography: Carlos Cezanne 

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