• CEDIT Ceramiche d'Italia


02 / 08 / 2016
CEDIT – Six collections mark the beginning of a new story. Florim relaunches the CEDIT brand, a high-end product that creates original and expressive dialogues with the art and contemporary design worlds.

The historic brand has been a unique benchmark in its kind, proposing decorative and chromatic solutions, completely new in the interior design field, developed thanks to the long and fruitful collaboration with some of the leading artists, architects and designers of that time. Prominent characters such as Marco Zanuso, Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Sergio Asti, Emilio Scanavino, Mimmo Rotella and Gino Marotta signed the historical collections - architects with high-level creative standards – paired with singular ceramic accessories designed by masters such as Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the Dam Group and, again, Ettore Sottsass.

For more than fifty years, CEDIT has been synonymous of material testing and design research in the ceramic tile industry. CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia - returns as the key manufacturer of the ‘Made in Italy’ with a new expressive season: the result of the collaboration with some of the most prestigious names in the contemporary italian creative fields.

A product with extremely high material characteristics and functional performances, a balanced synthesis between artisanal qualities and technological innovation.

Two exclusive events will present six exclusive expressive compositions designed by six Authors, taking place simultaneously during the 2016 edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, at the locations, still in phase of mutation, of the space CEDIT at Foro Buonaparte 14.

The compositions travel between fabrics, symbols, erosions, materials and memories reinterpreted through the lenses and the creativity of the selected artists and designers – Italian products symbol of the Italian excellence told to the world, and belonging to different generations. A hidden universe emerges from personal readings and interpretations, renewing the idea of architectural space, reinventing the sense of place, time, and living.

Free of size constrictions, the new expressive compositions offer porcelain slabs in various sizes inspired both by a sophisticated interpretation of the material and by specific kinds of pictorial expressions. Each composition is designed with in mind the objective of using the material for interiors as well as for external architectural facades, thanks to a wide variety of solutions that unable to understand the spaces with a define personality. Idealized synthesizing the best of the expression of the taste and creativity, those compositions testify the high-level evolution of the best tradition of the italian ceramic making.


Marco Casamonti | Archea Associati codes new chromatic color ranges to reveal the shining and iridescence typical of the metallic surfaces, by fixing in a precise moment the different stages of the metal’ passivation.

Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò | BRH+ define a collection that explores the texture of cement, obtained through different components mixture and superficial finishes. Defined by a wide spectrum of modular combinations between the single elements, enriching the slabs’ range with graphic patterns created by linear engravings, then grouted in stark hues, according to geometries derived by the patterns of handmade embroideries typical of the Italian tradition.

Giorgio Griffa gives breath to intense, calligraphic brush strokes, making his work recognizable, giving continuity to the definition of a visual code revealed by a sequence of expressive marks in which the chromatic component, watery and soft in its frequencies, gains a defining value.

Franco Guerzoni transfers on large surfaces the painting style that identifies his body of work, achieving flat slabs characterized by articulate backgrounds, with movement obtained by superimposing and subtracting delicate matters and thick and fragmented pigmentations.

Matteo Nunziati interprets the surfaces of the textile yarn, making a specific reference to the fabrics decorated with stylized drawings, giving the ceramic surface new perspectives in terms of perceptive output and an unprecedented tactile experience.

Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto | Studio Zanellato Bortotto draw a sequence of visions inspired by the texture of different plastered walls, selected according to the different degree of wear and exposure to the corrosive elements, dictated by the stratification of substances, which are true to the time and tell the memories and the reflections of a given environmental context.

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