• Beer at Spritmuseum


20 / 04 / 2015
The Swedish studio Form Us With Love recently curated and designed the exhibition Beer at Spritmuseum that celebrates the science and the art of making beer. The show can be seen at the Spritmuseum in Stockholm, an institution that exhibits about the history and culture of alcohol in Sweden.

Through the exhibition’s path, visitors can observe the several steps into developing a recipe of beer. Throughout the space we find several “islands” covered with squared white tiles, and at the end a wall displaying many beer bottles in a gradient of different shades.

“Inspired by labs and ateliers, the intention is to make the audience investigative and engage with the process of how to find formulas for beer success”, explain the designers at Form Us With Love. The educational aspect of the exhibition triggers the visitor’s curiosity, as it is possible of “smelling, feeling and distinguishing ingredients and methods that formulate the many recipes on display”. 

Photography: Jonas Lindstrom

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