• Burel Factory

    A photo-report by Carlos Cezanne


06 / 04 / 2015
Article originally published in ATTITUDE #52 - July/August 2013

To encourage new applications for burel cloth is one of the main premises of the project at Fábrica do Burel, which has revived a production unit for this cloth made from sheep’s wool. Apart from contributing to the preservation of this tradition, the project also contributes to the dynamism of the formerly prosperous wool manufacturing region of Serra da Estrela. At Fábrica do Burel, traditional manufacturing methods have been preserved, although new colours have been introduced to this cloth, since its main material, wool, is easily dyed. Another important step has been the collaboration with national designers, who have been using burel for a variety of different applications and objects, exploring the infinite possibilities for use of this material.
Photography: Carlos Cezanne

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