• Konstantin Grcic: Panorama

    z33 presents the designer's larger solo exhibition


13 / 03 / 2015
The Belgium gallery z33 presents the largest show dedicated to the work of the designer Konstantin Grcic. The exhibition entitled Panorama was developed in collaboration with the Vitra Design Museum and presents, not only the designer's finished projects, but also the installation he specially made for the occasion. 

The installations are inspired by Grcic's personal visions about the future and portray the interior of a home, a design studio and a urban environment. “These spaces stage fictional scenarios confronting the viewer with the designer’s inspirations, challenges and questions, as well as placing Grcic’s works in a greater social context”, can be read on the press-release. The highlight is a 30 meters-long panoramic image of what could be an architectural landscape in the future. 
The exhibition also focus on a more personal side of the daily life of Konstantin Grcic, where some parts of the creative process are presented, such as drawings and prototypes, but also artefacts that inspired him. 

Konstantin Grcic: Panorama runs until 24 May 2015 at Z33
©KGID_Florian Böhm
©Vitra Design Museum_Mark Niedermann 

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