• Uetikon


    Located in Zurich, Switzerland, this house takes full advantage of the topography and is immediately captivating due to the vast landscapes that surround it.  
  • Contemporaneity and Sophistication

    Contemporaneity and Sophistication

    With its youthful yet sophisticated vibe, this flat is the perfect example of how to introduce personality into a space. 
  • Kave Home

    Kave Home

    The furniture and decoration brand Kave Home has presented the Outdoor 2024 collection, which focuses on outdoor pieces inspired by the purity of lines and functional design. 
  • Hudson Home

    Hudson Home

    Located in Hudson, one of New York's most charming and historic locations, this Italian house dating back to 1900 has been completely renovated.  
  • Vipp Cold Hawaii, Thy<br />

    Vipp Cold Hawaii, Thy

    Opened on 7 February 2024, Vipp Cold Hawaii, Thy is the latest in a growing portfolio of signature guesthouses from Danish design brand Vipp.  
  • Caymus-Suisun Winery

    Caymus-Suisun Winery

    In this new winery, where the artistically inspired architecture and more than 30 customised pieces by contemporary artists give rise to a unique tasting experience, visitors are invited to taste the wines in tasting rooms that reflect the vibrant colours of the vineyard. 


    OJO Gallery presents PAPIER & TERRE MÊLÉE, a brand new exhibition in Lisbon in collaboration with Porto-based French artist Victor Marqué, which brings together a careful selection of pieces in different formats, materials and explorations with a focus on architectural lines and earthy tones. 
  • Travel, Music and New York City

    Travel, Music and New York City

    Located in New York's East Village, this loft has been completely renovated by design duo Evan Edward, who has transformed the flat into a luxurious yet relaxed city retreat.  
  • Kalbornia Mazury

    Kalbornia Mazury

    This project is a complex of 35 houses resulting from collaboration with the design team led by one of Poland's most acclaimed designers, Boris Kudlička.  
  • D114 | apartment

    D114 | apartment

    D114 is an apartment designed for friends of OM’s co-founders: it follows in the footsteps of D001, the studio’s very first project, also designed for the same friends. 
  • An Ode to French Architecture

    An Ode to French Architecture

    Built-in 1911, this Edwardian-era house is located in the charming neighbourhood of Noe Valley in San Francisco, California.  
  • New Year's Eve with JYSK

    New Year's Eve with JYSK

    Another year is ending, and it's finally time to gather loved ones around the table. With inspiration from JYSK, you can organise a New Year's Eve dinner with table decorations that suit you and your home. 



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