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  • Special Milan: A conversation with Massimiliano Messina


02 / 07 / 2019
Founded with the objective of promoting a new “culture of the art of sleeping well”, 41 years down the line, Flou is the leader in this area. We cast a look back at the path established, together with the president Massimiliano Messina, with an eye on the new collection and objectives for the future.

Flou is famously known for having created the culture of sleep, good sleep, and in fact not only does it offer a wide range of mattresses, beds, but also living room accessories, bed linen and, more recently, ward- robes. What feedback have you got for this new addition?
Massimiliano Messina: Actually, we introduced the wardrobes into our collection ten years ago (in 2009) and since then we have constantly broadened our products: with sofas and accessories for the living room since 2014 and, in 2013, with the creation of the Natevo brand, which produces furniture and accessories with integrated light. It was a choice dictated, above all, in response to our customers’ demands: to transfer to the living area of the home the same unparalleled comfort and the “Flou atmosphere” that we have always provided for the sleeping quarters.

Watch the video below and read the full interview on Attitude 88.  
For more information, visit Flou website.
Interview: Sofia Martinho Pereira
Image and Edition: Inês Pereira

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