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  • Special Milan: A conversation with Darren Chew


02 / 07 / 2019
With nine years of life, it enjoys growing visibilty and recognition. District Eight resists any attempt at geo-location. It was born out of the historically informed vision and sensitivity to the world of Darren Chew – its founder and creative director.

Before founding the brand, you were already established in Vietnam. What took you there and made you want to settle down there?
Darren Chew: I was just traveling at first, then after connecting with people, I had the opportunity to start working in the garment industry. We started a factory called Un-Available from our flat, and it has since turned into a full-fledged premium garment manufacturer. I settled in as projects kept coming and I enjoy the life here. From manufacturing, we went into retail and F&B, with the opening of the concept store l’Usine in 2009. District Eight was started a year later.

Watch the video below and read the full interview on Attitude 88.  
For more information, visit District Eight website.
Interview: Sofia Martinho Pereira
Image and Edition: Inês Pereira 

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