• Imperfect Elegance


18 / 04 / 2019
Located in bustling Linz, one of Austria’s most exciting cities, Rossbarth has become an essential restaurant to visit on any itinerary of the city. The refurbishment project was carried on by the destilat practice, who ended up winning the German Design Award in 2019. It’s not hard to understand why: the project reflects perfectly the culinary vision of chefs Marco Barth and Sebastian Rossbach, “a kitchen with simple yet top-quality and predominantly regional products that are finished in a sophisticated and creative way”, tells the studio.

The rawness of the space, across the lounge, bar, guest area, and a small library is defined not only by the original arched ceiling, visible again after the removal of the suspended ceilings, but also through the restoration of some surfaces, enhancing an imperfect beauty of a relaxed atmosphere. Among the highlights are the smoked oak and scaled sheet steel, produced by workshops from the Muehlviertel.

Coming from the kitchen are typically Austrian proposals, made with a modern twist, and conceived with local seasonal ingredients. But not only in the decoration we feel the interplay between old and new, tradition and modernity: the graphic design, signed by OrtnerSchinko studio, also evokes a simples yet sophisticated language, that subtly combines with the purity of high-quality products and exciting gastronomy.  
For more information, visit destilat website.
Photography: Monika Nguyen
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