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  • 6th Edition of World Creativity Day in Portugal


18 / 04 / 2019
For the first time, Portugal will host the World Creativity Day, an international event focused exclusively on creativity, offering “activities 100% free that may impact not only the individual, but also society”, tells us Felipe Zamana, professor, designer, consultant and founder of Criatividade a Sério, also responsible for the event production in Portugal.

After the success in Brazil, where Lucas Foster activated, through ProjectHub and LabCriativo, 13 Brazilian cities to celebrate creativity, it’s time for Portugal to receive talks, exhibitions and workshops in order to “contribute to innovation and sustainable development of the communities”, taking place at several spaces in the city.

Among the highlights are the “Creativity and Marketing on the XXI century” talk at IPAM Porto, the performance “I recognize your silence” at Hotel Zero Box Lodge or the exhibition “The creative process and installation “Will +” at Will Creative.

The registrations are free and should be made here.  
For more information, visit World Creativity Day website.  

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