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14 / 01 / 2019
The World Design Rankings ranks all the countries based on the number of designers that have been granted with the A' Design Award, from 2010 to 2019. Countries are sorted based on the number of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron Design Awards won.

The rankings aim to provide a snapshot of the state-of-art and design potentials of countries worldwide by highlighting their creative strengths, design weaknesses and available opportunities. Portugal remained at one of the top positions, ranked as number 9 among the 100 represented countries.

A' Design Award and Competition, the sponsor of World Design Rankings, aims to promote good design practices and principles worldwide by highlighting exceptional design work in all countries and in all disciplines. 

You can still register for this year’s competition here.  
Groenlandia Residential House by Fernanda Marques. 
Amoy Restaurant All Day Dining by Ryoichi Niwata.
Forest and Greenery Private House by Create + Think Design Studio.
House of light Residence by Cheng Yu Yang.
IMNU Wall Clock by Jara Freund.
Kanra Kyoto Hotel by UDS Ltd.
Light Waterfall Sales Center by Kris Lin and Jiayu Yang and Lusitana Lounge chair by Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira.
Locksmithery Residential Apartment Residential Apartment by Tina Kammer.
Phecda Mansion Sales Center by GND Design Limited.
Qingtie CR Town Sales Office Sales Office by Kot Ge LSDCASA and Studio HBA.
Reborn From Ruins Residential House by Lei Jin, Tianqi Guan, Teng-Guo.
Su Zhou Residential House by Feng Guoqiang and Chen Yan.
Sunny Apartment Residential interior by Che Wang.
For more information, visit A'Design Award & Competition website.
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