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28 / 05 / 2018
It’s in the city centre of Amsterdam, that we find this canal house with a more discreet and intimate character. Projected by Standard Studio for a couple, Marc Brummelhuis explained to us how his clients wished to turn a old garage into a house, while ensuring a sense of privacy for all the spaces. “They wanted a loft type of house, spatial, full of natural light, with a well designed kitchen and bathroom”, he added.

As we wander through the apartment, we first discover the garage, where there is space for an old classic car and bikes, and the home cinema. Considering the lack of daylight, the answer would end up taking shape through “a center patio in the middle of the space” and also through the creation of six extra big roof lights. Bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room are located around the patio, enhancing the feeling of openness and organization. “Even though the loft is in the middle of a residential courtyard, there is a lot of privacy because no direct visible connection is made through the surrounding buildings”, explained the studio.

The kitchen, designed in cooperation with Eginstill, is one of the central elements of the place, were the family gathers and relaxes by the end of the day. But the patio is “where all other wishes found there place naturally”. That’s why this canal house is full of vibrance and brightness: “once entered, the biggest qualities are the width of the house and the amount of natural daylight it has which makes you forgotten that you actually can't look outside.”. 
A project by Standard Studio.
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