• Timeless Elegance



04 / 08 / 2016
At the newsworthy beach of Larvotto, a resort favoured by the international jetset, one comes across this elegant 380 m2 apartment. Resulting from the joining together of two apartments, it bears the signature of Humbert & Poyet interiors. At first glance, we are enveloped by the blue of the sky. On the living room veranda we observe the shifting of soft and warm colours between the fabrics and the harmony between the materials seen in the modernist furniture – both inviting and elegant. The choice of colours and lines is in keeping with the light and glamour of the French Riviera. Upon entering the living room, we are struck by the same sense of spaciousness as outside: the balance between lightness and generous dimensions.
Between the past and the present. We want to take in the entirety of the space. Our gaze rises, wanders around and then rests on the graphic and expansive symmetry of the refined Italian marble. We wander about, again, and become aware of the perfect dialogue between the modernist, contemporary and custom-designed furniture created by this pair of interior architects: everything is light and refined lines. We sense the discerning vision behind each ceramic piece placed on the tables. And then, on the scale of the smaller objects, our gaze takes in the sumptuousness of the large canvasses or of the different points of light hanging in suspended interaction. This is the point when we realise how sensitive the occupation of this space is. How each room has a scenic outline. In the bathrooms the visual, almost dramatic impact, makes itself felt through the combination of black and white marble. It’s a unique colour dynamic for the refined web of small mosaics and for the scale, defined in terms of height and depth, in the larger bathroom. In the kitchen, the modernist geometry of the tables and chairs, dominates the space. We are left with the sensation that we are admiring an installation. And when we look over the two bedrooms, we once again detect a new play of contrasts. The smaller of the two strikes the visitor as a minor stronghold full of delicate touches and a meditative mood. Only the photograph Eden Roc Pool by Slim Aarons reminds us that we are at the centre of the most glamourous dolce vitta. In the main bedroom, there is a different ambience. That artistic vision, sensed in every choice made around the house, takes on an almost gallery-like feel here. Alongside the restfulness, the room breathes art. In the entrance hall, and on the verge of leaving, we can’t resist taking just one more look. We attempt to capture the perfect posture of that scenic composition. The harmony of an elegant and somewhat timeless atmosphere. 
Interior Design: Humbert & Poyet
Area: 320 sq. meters

Fotos: Francis Amiand
Texto: Sofia Martinho Pereira 

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