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06 / 07 / 2016
Located at the heart of the eastern zone of Paris, Hotel Providence was built in 1854. It has witnessed a frenetic and interesting development of the area it is set in.

In fact, as the years have gone by, the neighbourhood has accrued notable galleries, refined boutiques and great restaurants run by young chefs, all bringing a renewed impulse and energy to this neighbourhood which also includes Haut-Marais, Beaubourg and the Saint Martin canal.

All of this typically bohemian mood, which is simultaneously ‘decadent’ and romantic, is also expressed in the hotel’s decor, embodying the renowned atmosphere of Paris.

Some of the highlights include the outdoor and indoor architectural details – the original fireplace, the wooden floors and the marble mosaics - , the selection of vintage furniture and antique pieces bought in street markets, not to mention the striking patterns and colours of the walls and fabrics, that give a peculiar life to each space, creating an exclusive, elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

Each one of the eighteen bedrooms and suites are decorated differently, breathing a unique life into the different spaces full of objects bearing their own stories. The bar and restaurant are places where we enjoy staying, making us feel part of this unique and special environment.

When we go up to the rooftop and take in the view over Montmartre, we are overwhelmed with the sensation provoked by the desire to live in Paris...Brimming with charm, this is without a doubt a small and surprising hotel of undeniably good taste.

Text: Bárbara Osório
Photos: Benoit Linero

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