• V_Itaim

    Building in São Paulo designed by mk27


16 / 01 / 2015
In the centre of Sao Paulo we find the new V_Itaim, an apartment building with 13 floors, that introduces a new profile to the city's skyline. The project is by Brazilian studio mk27, with architects Márcio Kogan and Carolina Castroviejo, and it stands out from the remaining buildings due to the materials that cover it: wood and concrete.

The wood was used inspired by the Arab muxarabis – panels that provide privacy in the interior, while letting the light enter and allow ample visibility to the outside. In the case of V_Itaim, this is the result of the quadrangular holes in the whole surface of the wood panels. This is an optional effect, since they can be moved, allowing for the apartments to have a total opening towards the outside.

Concrete takes centre stage in this building, an echo of the many brutalist buildings spread throughout Sao Paulo. According to the architects, its texture provokes surprising effects when the sun hits it in different moments during the day. The ten apartments with generous areas allow for the plan to be adapted to each dweller needs, be them an ample loft or a space with several rooms.
Photography: Pedro Vannucchi

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