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07 / 04 / 2020
It’s in the urban village of Shahpurjat, in the heart of Delhi, that we find this luminous three-story space, a workspace defined by a sense of continuity and creative spirit.

While determined to preserve this need for fluidity, that could be felt all over the space, the Urbanspace team was driven by the wish to create opening cuttings across the floors, enabling “cross-over of information, music, and ideas, thereby enabling appreciation of the human scale and interactions”, they explain. The reception area, a lounge, a conference room, and a dining area for the staff occupy the upper ground floor: here we uncover one of the central elements of the design project, a staircase made in stone and concrete, lined with elegant wood panels, guaranteeing privacy and elegance.

One of the most striking features of the workspace is also the wall installation “Master Stroke” designed by Vibhor Sogani that reminds us of a pencil stroke, used as a metaphor for the studio’s identity. Pieces like the 40 feet Barrisol luminaire on the second floor or a bench designed by Krea are complemented by small details such as the images of the studio’s work on the walls or “slight recesses to prevent stationery from rolling off” on the workstations. And even on the Principal Architect’s cabin we can feel this need for dialogue and transparency, a room entirely enveloped by the glass.

Climbing to the upper floor, we discover a residential space with a bedroom, living spaces, and a staircase, a cut-out space that besides its different functions, is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the project. The result is defined by a “rustic and earthy” studio, “a contemporary expression of architecture and design, placed within a busy and unconventional setting”, they add.

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