• HBK Spectris Innovation Centre


31 / 03 / 2020
Occupying a warehouse space next to Porto airport, Spectris commissioned the conception of the HBK Spectris Innovation Centre from the Portuguese office Studium, a holistic intervention that created a new functional and aesthetic approach.

The main goal of this project? To promote inspiring and modern workplaces, offering their residents and visitors the comforts and needs that balance the company’s history with its contemporary vision. The need for a modular structure, due to the container irregular surface, was one of the main challenges, next to the creation of an industrial language that can be felt all over the space with the use of metal grating, a metallic mesh that acts as a grid or the laser carved on yellow valchromat plaques.

Putting the idea into practice of contributing to work-life balance, the space offers meeting areas, teamwork areas, individual spaces and the expected decompression and leisure time. With a grey background marked by some colourful elements, the studio designed a flexible open space where the auditorium acts as a starting point for the creation of different spaces but also a dining hall, located on the backyard space, the perfect place to rest or contemplate.

“The connection with the gym and the game room justifies the sustainable attitude of comfort and well-being in modern office space, in addition to the individual conditions of each individual workstation”, the team explains.
For more information, visit studium website.
Photography: Ivo Tavares
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