• Artistic Residence

    Barcelona, Spain


05 / 03 / 2020
Upon entering this charming residence on the quiet St. Antoni neighbourhood, in Barcelona, we find ourselves in a cozy ambience with an abundance of colour and natural light, over a white canvass. The intervention was carried out by Cláudia de Sousa Interior Design studio, based in Barcelona, that wanted to create an eclectic holiday home, dominated by the influence of the colours, the sea and the light of the city, taking advantage of the high doors and ceilings of the modern apartment.

In order to do that, the team decided to remove the old vinyl floor and added a light-colored wooden parquet while hydraulics tiles have been placed in the kitchen and entrance. On the interiors, apart from the Spanish furniture such as Santa Cole, Faro ou Treku, we uncover pieces rescued from antique shops (like the trimmer, the armchair in red leather from the ’60s or a Danish cabinet) and international, from the Mapswonders lamp to the Danish sofas and tapestry from Marrocco.

Also deserving of mention, is the consistent presence of art, which is also a strong passion of the owners, that ended up bringing to the 70 square metres of the apartment pieces from New York, Paris or nearby regions. An encounter of inspirations and influences so distinct able to enrich the artistic language, but always sober, of the apartment.

For more information, visit Cláudia de Sousa website.
Photography: Álvaro Valdecantos 

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