• White Forest in Monsanto


14 / 08 / 2019
It’s in the middle of Parque Natural de Monsanto that we uncover this brand new restaurant, commissioned by the company CVZ Construções to the architectural studio of Bruno Câmara.

“This represents a big step through the requalification of several areas of the Florestal park, desired by the municipality”, the studio told us, explaining the creation of pathways and playful spaces in the contiguous areas. Ensuring the idea of “white forest”, through contemporary and minimalist architecture, the architect decided to explore pathways painted in white and limited by nearly 3500 wood trunks, creating exterior areas with different features.

The restaurant remains, however, as a key element of the space where, through the use of self-supporting and sustainable materials such as wood, glass and iron, harmoniously embraces the surrounding Nature, enhancing the sense of “innovation, practicality and elegance” of the site.
For more information, visit Bruno Câmara Architects website.  

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