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10 / 01 / 2018
We are in Riviera ligure, in La Spezia, Italy, between the sea and the mountains. A strong sense of attachment to water, both physical and mental, reflects a nautical culture that is widely rooted in most of the inhabitants of the region, but also in this small apartment, recently renovated by the Italian studio llabb.

The idea was to reorganize the 35 square meters of this studio, in order to create a modern and elegant version of a “cabin”. The optimization of storage spaces inside sailboats and the minimum dimensions within these spaces were the main inspiration for the development of this project. “We believe that beauty could be subjective but quality not, so we looked for something already designed (in this case, the inside of a boat) that was, at the same time, a guarantee of quality and functionality”.

In order to achieve it, the Italian studio designed an white and blue equipped wall, made of okoumé, which is divided by a waterline, leading the eye from the lobby along the entire apartment. Being in the Riviera Cabin is like entering a modern and well-designed sailing boat: everything is condensed and organized, minimal but necessary, from the living area and the wardrobe to the master bedroom and the kitchen.
A project by llabb.
Photography: Anna Positano 
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