• Serene Existence


24 / 05 / 2017
Imagine the ineffable nature and the imperturbable simplicity of the Alentejo landscape stretching into infinity. In this peaceful im- mensity, a house listens to the silence. Just like the sparse olive trees around it, it stands out due to its isolation. Just like the olive trees, it breaks up the austere setting with its misaligned shape. White and luminous, with various patios, it makes the most of the relation- ship with its surroundings – exceptionally well sublimated to the East, where the swimming pool is located. Indoors, the world of the home’s setting and other worlds are seamlessly blended.

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Project Name: Casa Grândola
Architecture: ColectivArquitectura
Interiors Architecture: José Luís Barbosa
Photos: FG+SG
Texto: Virgínia Capoto 

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