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  • Deeper in ATTITUDE 01 of 2005

    Remembering Pedro Mourão's home...


23 / 08 / 2015
Professor in the SITEX art school in Porto, Pedro Mourão created his own brand. A men’s wear brand, called “Pedro Mourão”.
Parallel to fashion design, Pedro M. always had a tendency towards interior design and says he was born a stylist: “I love all beautiful things, therefore it does not make any difference for me whether it is a house, store or clothing that I’m designing.”
Despite the individuality of each home, Mourão admits to two continuous planes of similarity amongst them all, namely the colour black and portraiture. For the designer, black means abstraction, balance, support, drama and theatrical atmospheres. The second common feature is given to the fact that each home should have at least one portrait, creating a continuous line between present and past: so are the objects and furniture in his house, where each object in Mourão’s house carries its own story.  
 Photos by Carlos Cezanne

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