• Every Wall is a Statement

    Tiago Casanova presents his more recent art work in Historic Center of Porto


27 / 12 / 2016
In the context of the 20 years celebration of Historic Center of Porto as World Heritage, Tiago Casanova presents the installation "Every wall is a statement", integrated in the group exhibition “Alumia” (alumia.eu) that is promoted by PortoLazer. Besides Tiago Casanova, there were invited to participate Openfield, Garcia e Albuquerque,Isabel Barbas + Cooperativa Árvore, Diogo Aguiar Studio and FAHR 021.3, challenged by the organization to “value and promote this area, causing a fresh look and different readings upon the heritage and the surrounding landscape.”

Each artist could choose the place to install the art work, in the area of the Historic Center. Tiago Casanova’s choice "draws on the context of the now vanished built heritage, the place it stood, acknowledging Fernandina Wall, which bordered until 1787 the Clérigos area. The use of tile comes from its relationship with the elements that constitute and identify the city. We aim for an experience that is more introspective than physical, although the wall contiguous to the ancient one, at the square adjacent to the Tower, creates a certain visual barrier that evokes reflection over freedom and timeless building of social and economic walls."

Since december, 5th until january, 8th.

Photography: Courtesy of Galeria das Salgadeiras

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