• Prismatica

    Interactive installation in Montreal


29 / 01 / 2015
Fifty pivoting prisms compose the installation Prismatica, one of the two projects selected in the competition Luminothèrapie promoted by the Quartier des Spetacles in Montreal.

The Canadian architecture studio Raw developed a series of prisms made from panels composed of dichronic filters, that reflect a variety of colours depending on the light source and the observer's position. Located on the street, this installation invites passersby to interact with the objects, not only due to the profusion of colours but also thanks to the sounds it echoes.

«We wanted people to play around, have fun and, in doing so, forget about the cold. It’s a great event that celebrates lively public space on a large scale and has a history of successes. It also speaks to the passion for design found in a city like Montreal», says RAW director Roland Rom Colthoff.

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