• Pen Store

    A project by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love


22 / 01 / 2015
Writing and drawing lovers will be trilled with this store, where an endless selection of different pens can be found. The Swedish studio Form Us With Love designed the space like a white canvas, where the many colours of each pen can stand out.

In the Pen Store in Stockholm several shelves full with these tiny objects fill the space; in the middle, visitors can find long tables to spend some time trying out the available models. The balcony follows the minimalist concept for the space, and it appears as a simple box volume block, with the inscription Kassa.

The studio Form Us With Love gathered a group of creatives to select their favourite pen, and then make an artwork with it. The results will be produced by Paper Collective and 15% of the sales will be donated for the preservation of the rain forrest.
Photography: Jonas Lindström 

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