• Nozomi Sushi Bar


31 / 03 / 2015
Beyond presenting an experience of Japanese gastronomy, the Nozomi Sushi Bar in Valencia offers its clients a journey through the streets of Japan. “We studied photographs from the most authentic Japanese streets with the aim to create a metaphoric reinterpretation of those environments”, says Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, one of the founders of Masquespacio, the design studio responsible for the project.

After entering the door of Nozomi Sushi Bar, we find a central volume made of wood where some services are incorporated, such as bathrooms and warehouse. This structure interrupts the 233 sq-m space’s continuity, and creates two corridors that give access to the dinning rooms. It’s on the corridors that the Japanese street environments were recreated, in a detailed carpentry work, which offers the clients the experience of being in Japan.

At the end of the corridors, we find the main dinning room covered by cherry-tree inspired origami, from where it's possible to watch the food being prepared at the sushi bar. The space’s neutral light grey walls and pavement, integrate with the details in natural wood that can be found throughout the restaurant. There’s also other dinning area, secluded in a more intimate environment, offering privacy but keeping the user integrated with the main room’s activities. 

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