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05 / 02 / 2020
Ahmedabad, an industrial hub and rapidly growing metropolis, also the largest city and former capital of the Indian state of Gujara. Located in the the city center, one can find the beautiful and relaxed residence of Malay Doshi, owner and designer of this house-studio, conceived to meet his specific requirements.

After a first intervention, which consisted in the removal of the partition walls, existing toilets, kitchen and flooring, Doshi wanted to create a space that could be both minimal and tactile, combining materials “that could age well”. The central open-space, which combines dining and living areas along with an open kitchen and intimate corner, seduces us by its artistic atmosphere and, at the same time, its invitation to relaxation. There is only one glass door in the toilet, “ensuring ample daylight in the north-facing apartment”.

From the grey and white palette, marked by the touch of brass and wood, the word of order is harmony. The change of materials and colours define the extension of each area - from the beige and blue sleeping area, reflecting its warmth and playfulness, to the intimate den, made of Vasal Teak wood from the typical pols of the region. A preference that explains the sustainable character of the house, but also adds a rich texture. “The only coloured accents used in the project in shades of indigo and turquoise is in the ceramics, cushions or curtains. All the walls have a pigmented lime plaster finish which not only keeps the house cool in the hot weather of Ahmedabad but also gives a timelessness to space,” he explained.

Above all, the idea was to keep the project unfinished: “to make the house an oasis in the middle of the city, similar to the natural ever-changing sense of space of a vernacular cottage.”
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Photography: The Fishy Project 

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