• Cas Gasi

    Ibiza, Spain


03 / 09 / 2019
Margaret greets us, in her friendly and discreet manner, accompanied by the inseparable Viz, her Spanish water dog. Once we’re settled in, we are invited to enjoy this idyllic agri-tourism hotel – the Cas Gasi – right at the heart of Ibiza, where no sounds disturb us other than bird- song, doves cooing, frogs croaking on the lily pad-filled-lakes, cockerels crowing and, further away, goats grazing. Following this melodic welcome, we take a seat in the garden where Margaret shares her charming story with us.

She discovered Ibiza when she travelled by Lufthansa to spend holidays on her husband’s boat, and then thirty years ago she decided to settle down on the island in order to pursue her passion – organic farming.

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For more information, visit Cas Gasi Ibiza website.
Words and photography: Carlos Cezanne  

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