• 2nd edition Drawing Room Lisbon


08 / 10 / 2019
Between the 10th and 13th October, the National Society of Fine Arts will be hosting the Drawing Room, four days dedicated to national and international contemporary drawing.

Lourdes de Castro, Helena Almeida, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Julião Sarmento, Paulo Brighenti, Júlio Pomar, Eduardo Stupía or Irene González are some of the names attempting the second edition of the only Portuguese specialized art fair that will gather 70 artists and 25 art galleries. Next to the works from worldwide galleries, such as Lisbon, Oporto, Azores, Spain, Japan, Colombia, Mozambique ou Brazil (carefully selected by the director Mónica Álvarez Careaga and the advisory council of the event), a new space was created, dedicated to the artistic context in Argentina. Commissioned by Deborah Reda, this new area will feature five galleries from Buenos Aires.

Another key element of the event will be the Europe Programme - Institutional Guests, developed in partnership with EDP Foundation, which brings to the Portuguese capital directors from European collections and museums. A parallel programme will also include several initiatives, such as the Millennium Talks - informal conversations about contemporary drawing collections -, a design exhibition with drawings from the Collection of Contemporary Drawing of the PLMJ Foundation, with João Silvério curatorship, or visits to the archives of drawing national institutions.

Open to all collectors, professionals and art lovers, Drawing Room aims to highlight “a new generation of artists who have made drawing their privileged medium meets with the undeniable devotion for drawing of the great masters.”
Para mais informações, visite o site da Drawing Room.
Imagens: Cortesia Drawing Room 

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