• Epiforma Interview


06 / 03 / 2015
Portuguese designers Filipe Ferreira and Francisco Ribeiro started Epiforma just over six months ago, but since then they have managed to present two collections of objects: Meanwhile Curiosities e Graphic Metamorphosis; and also developed the whole graphic communication for the Get Set Festival. The duo, with its studio in Porto, doesn’t want to stick to only one area of work. Therefore, in every project, they try to exit their comfort zone and experiment.

How and when did you start Epiforma?
After working for some years in several countries and focused on diverse design areas, we felt the need to come back to our roots (Portugal), in order to take advantage of the current emerging cultural context. All the knowledge and experience we acquired throughout the last years, was an impulse for us to create a multidisciplinary studio with a wide and experimental offer. We founded Epiforma in June 2014.
How does your creative process work?
We believe that good design can be always personalized to every project, client or brand needs. Our process adapts completely to those circumstances. Our premiss for every project is based on its complete comprehension. These context is normally obtained through a dialogue with the client. After having the context well defined, we continue with an inclusive research and the first brainstormings, that will take us to the conceptualization of the project; a narrative structure and definition of goals. We also sketch (2d and 3d), make simple prototypes (with malleable materials we have around in the studio) and regular brainstormings.

As a duo, who does what?
Normally, we work in a multidisciplinary way. We constantly try to explore scenarios outside of our comfort zone, with the will of reaching unexpected goals and keep up the surprise factor in the working process.

 "On the level of actions and behaviours, we try to always analyse the relationship between the human being and the typologies of objects that we are working on, to find innovative results"
Where do you find inspiration?
On a visual level, we are in constantly being inspired by our daily interests: books, mathematical principles that fascinate us, movies, galeries and museums we visit, music, new places where we travel and the new cultures we come across. On the level of actions and behaviours, we try to always analyse the relationship between the human being and the typologies of objects that we are working on, to find innovative results. Last but not least, the knowledge of producers and artisans with who we collaborate, and the development process are also a huge inspiration source for us.

Of Which project are you prouder?
If we have to point out a particular experience, the collection Graphic Metamorphosis had a great importance in our short path as a studio. Wallpaper magazine invited us to develop and produce a collection in record time (three weeks), to integrate an exhibition during the London Design Festival. Working for an event such as the LDF that provides a fusion of cultures and diverse ideas, and also experience all the networking in the world of design, were highly inspiring factors and a learning process.

In what are you working now?
Now we are working in several projects in diverse areas. As for product and furniture, we have been developing projects for private clients. As for branding and communication, we are now working side by side with some companies. We are also involved in the organization of a cultural festival in Porto – the Get Set Festival – where we are designing all the communication materials for it.
Because we believe that creativity is not circumscribed to specific areas and we are willing to try new fields, we also have been developing ideas for shop windows, stands and exhibitions.
Photography: Luís Espinheira

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