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  • Mohr Life: the theatrical spa


26 / 11 / 2019
Located in one of the oldest skiing areas in Tirol, Austria, just an 80-km drive from Innsbruck, the newly announced Mohr Life Resort offers unique views across the Ehrwalder Becken valley, peppered with old farmhouses and barns.

Composed just like a theatre, with several different interpretations, the new wellness area was design by noa* - network of architecture and follows a contemporary approach, blending the environment and the new design into an arrangement of glass and cement structure and an outdoor area with a swimming pool.

For architect Christian Rottensteiner, the site was both the challenge and the inspiration: “here, guests are cocooned in a relaxing environment which harmonises with the environment. Our challenge is to create structures that expand and intensify the perception of spaces, thus creating restorative areas which stir new emotions in visitors”, he explains.

With around 00 square meters, glass cubes across the two levels create the structural grid for the building’s skeleton, while the reflective glass surface provides an unexpected scenic effect. The preference for resin coating, along with the cement, also enhances the neutral palette of the building, creating a beautiful contrast between both textures not only in the different relaxation areas but also in the bar, spa, and private lounge.

For more information, visit noa* website.
This article is only available in English.
Photography: Alex Filz  

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