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17 / 10 / 2018
Mariana Garcia Oliveira and Filipi Oliveira, graduated in architecture and urbanism, are the founders of mf+arquitetos, a studio dedicated to commercial, residential and industrial areas but also interior design. With projects of variable size, the team surprises by their contemporary style, appealing to the connexion between interiors and exteriors. The collector’s nook shows exactly that: a refuge that explores the rusticity and naturality of its materials, and includes unique pieces of art. We talked to the architectural studio.

Which ambience did you want to create?
The refuge is characterized by simple features, the purity of forms, an integration with nature and the use of natural materials with a color palette of earthy tones. The touch of fabrics, the heat of the wood, the nobility of the marble, the rusticity of the stone and the concrete are mixed with the essential: living, exploring, knowing, traveling, receiving and appreciating. 

What kind of materials were chosen?
The most important characteristic is the use of natural materials, such as stone, wood, that provokes a cozy feeling, marble, as a noble material, and concrete, which is used all over the project. The part of the carpentry was thought from the beginning to connect the spaces.

In this apartment, privacy is a key element. In which way did you manage to create such an intimate refuge?
With a concept similar to a loft, the biggest component is the integration, that is easily recognized by the garage doors - panels that can be moved and be part of the living room, while the living room has its glass doors embedded in the wall stone, in order to connect the rooms with the garden. The pivot mashrabiya doors control the sun in the afternoon and extend to the pool area. The suite area, with a subtle separation from the living, connects visually with the garden and bathroom.
Art is also an important matter of the house. What kind of pieces can one find inside?
Yes, it is a huge passion of the resident. His main work of art starts with the Brazilian design, like the Mole de Sérgio Rodrigues armchair, but also the Diz armchair and Cantu chair. The sofa and table by Jader Almeida blends with the vertical garden. There are also surrealistic photos from the German Stefan Gesell and the Ukrainian photographer Oleg Prisco. Some pieces of craftsmanship can also be found like the dogs by Marcos de Sertania and the wood heads.

What is the “charm” of this apartment that makes it unique?

The simple and timeless architecture, connected with nature, and the natural materials results on a unique project.
For more information, visit mf + arquitetos studio website.
Photography: Felipe Araujo 

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